Children's animation technopark

on the basis of Kalibr PJSC

The only platform for children, which allows you to master the basic skills in the field of creating animated projects. The latest generation of high-tech equipment is used during training.

There are three laboratories in the technopark:

36 hours
6 lessons
5,000 RUB.
For children from 14 to 18 years old

Video Tour in the Children's animation technopark on the basis of Kalibr PJSC

Duration 2:41
Opportunities that the Children’s Technopark gives
Create a unique project
Go through all the lessons and create your own animated project
Get a certificate of completion
Get the highest score from the best teachers and your certificate of attendance.
Interest your future employer
Sign a deferred contract with the industrial partner of the technopark.
Get extra points for the unified state exam
Get an additional 7 points to the exam when you enter the university
Equipment that is used during the process of training
Capture system
OptiTrack Flex 13
OptiTrack Flex 13 can track the movement of objects, as well as the position of the hands and head of the player with a frequency of 120 FPS. This is an impressive figure, erasing the boundaries between virtual and ordinary reality.
Augmented Reality Glasses
Epson Moverio BT-300
Epson Moverio Augmented Reality Glasses is the innovative product from Epson, which is a leader in the segment of AR devices.
Virtual reality helmet
HTC Vive
The virtual reality helmet HTC VIVE is the most technologically advanced virtual reality helmet that officially went on sale in Russia at the end of 2016.
360 degree video camera
Panono Panoramic Ball Camera
It is a special device that is designed as a ball for shooting spherical photos with a resolution of up to 108 megapixels! 36 two-megapixel lenses allow you to take spherical 360-degree photos with a complete absence of "blind" zones.
Motion capture controller
Leap Motion Controller
Leap Motion Control allows you to directly interact with digital content on a Windows PC. 3D interaction is used: A 150-degree view creates a wide interactive space between you and the computer. Accurate, submillimeter hand tracking with extremely low latency.
Our teachers
Our teachers are highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of VR / AR, motion capture technologies and 3D modeling.
Марченко Евгений Витальевич
Курс: «Основы трехмерного моделирования»
  • - Разработка и поддержка 22 проектов в течение года для Oculus Rift и Samsung Gear VR
  • - Дважды выступал с лекциями на CG Event 2014 и CG Event 2015
  • - Преподавание в Real Time School 
Volkov Illarion Pavlovich
Course: "Computer animation in augmented and virtual reality"

April 23, 2017 - winner of the Federal hackathon on Hololens and VR Cyber Russia in the nomination «Best Project on Hololens».

Kukharev Stepan Vyacheslavovich
Course: "Computer animation and motion capture technologies"
  • - Protected project at Stanford University
  • - Development and support of projects for Kaspersky Lab, Leroy Merlin, KFC online marketing, Ferrari video editing, First Channel Digital, Cybersecurity conferences.
Manakhov Daniil Aleksandrovich
Course: "Basics of three-dimensional modeling"
  • - 18 year experience as IT- Development specialist, including 3 year experience in game development.
  • - Creation of games and applications based on virtual and augmented reality technologies since 2016.
  • - Specialization: Unity, Unreal Engine 4, C #, C ++, Python, AR / VR, Networking, Web, SQL DB.
Azarov Andrey Andreevich
Course: "Computer animation in augmented and virtual reality"
  • - 12 year experience as IT- Development specialist
  • - Software and programming languages knowledge: Blender, Unity, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Unreal Engine, C #, Python, C ++.
Location of laboratories
2 floor

Dining rooms and cafeterias are located on the main territory of Kalibr PJSC. The administrator watches the study process regularly.

Partners of the Children's Technopark
Educational partners
Industrial partners
Information Partners
Children's animation technopark on the basis of Kalibr PJSC in facts and figures
246 sq.m Technopark area
14-18 Age of children
30 It is planned to sign more than 30 deferred contracts with graduates of the children's technopark until 2020
Conditions of education
Course duration:
36 hours.
The cost:
from 5000 RUB.
Application form
Past events
Contact information
Back call
Address: 129085, Moscow, st. Godovikova, 9
Buzovkina Ksenia
Animation technopark administrator
Address and contacts
Metro Alekseevskaya
Moscow, st. Godovikova 9, b. 1
Public transport
Bus: 561
Parking on site paid,
but only 300 RUB.